Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hi World...I'm back...sort of

Miss Piper born 11th May, 2015
2016 and I'm gearing up for the start of another teaching year. This year will be one like no other. Coming back after being on maternity leave for nearly 9 months is challenging. No more lounging around (time to retire the yoga pants I have become so attached to) flitting from baby activity to lunch dates. I have absolutely loved spending the past 8 months getting to know my daughter (Piper) and watching her grow, learn and develop, but the time has come to re-enter the (paying) workforce (thanks to horrendous Auckland house prices) and I come back to the classroom quite a different person than when I left. I come back as a working mum wondering how this juggling act is going to pan out.

So, 2016 at Hobsonville Point Primary School. This year I am in a different learning common (LC3 years 6-8) with a new team. Thinking about the start of the year, I'm not thinking about what "topics" we will delve into - that can take a seat for now. Relationships are at the forefront of my mind. How can we build, grow and nurture trusting relationships in our learning common to really get the year off to a successful start? Our "planning" will not be made of long-term plans with activities thought of weeks in advance. We need to work on getting to know each other & begin building trust, respect and boundaries. Boundaries around what everyone needs to be successful in a collaborative space. Boundaries around expectations - what do we expect from our learners, what do our learners expect from us (their learning advisors) and what do they expect and need from each other? 

So, we will be starting this year looking at possibilities and success. What is possible to create a successful environment for all people who are in LC3? Watch this space....

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