Thursday, August 15, 2013

Its not about the tools...but here are some tools

We have had quite a few visitors coming in and asking a few questions in regards to some of the tools we are using and are a small sample of what and why we are using:

Explain Everything App
Students are using this interactive whiteboard to explain their learning.  Within our Maths programme, students go through the process of learn it, practice it, prove it then teach it.  This app allows students the ability to prove they know a strategy/ skill and/ or create a lesson for others to learn. This is then uploaded and embed in their Wikispace for others (including parents) to view.

Aurasma App
I have always been a huge fan of this augmented reality app, taking an ordinary physical image (e.g. a poster) called a trigger and turning it to an interactive video.  Recently, the students made how-to video's (using the trailer option in the iMovie app) of jobs that need to be done in the common. We then created an aura over the image of the job and voila, students can see what is expected of them when it is their turn on that job.  Next is to explore augmented reality art!
Aurasma how-to video's

Recently, a small number of students have wanted to learn how to code games, apps and websites.
Scratch is a great site where you can create your own interactive stories, art, simulations and games and is great for all levels. You can also check out ScratchEd a Scratch community for educators
Sploder is an interactive site where students can make online games using simple drag and drop skills - no coding knowledge is needed and is great for all ages.
Code Avengers is an interactive, web-based, New Zealand-made learn-to-code software programme. Designed with secondary aged students, some of our year 8's have been fine with using it.

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