Sunday, October 14, 2012

Conference Week

What a huge week of learning and sharing!  GAFE summit in NZ and ULearn!

Here are some of my favourite/ inspirational quotes and advice from the week...

Suan Yeo - 
Heads Google Enterprise Education Asia-Pacific

Technology is not new if you were born with it

Learning should be open, free and easily accessible
- does your classroom encourage learning outside the classroom?

Become a 21st Century teacher...teach with technology, not teach technology!

Teach how to use not BAN technology

Mike Reading

Offer training that leaves your staff wanting more...train before you implement!

Technology magnifies what is happening in the classroom: think through why technology is being deployed in the classroom.

Glenn Capelli


Natural play is the greatest developer of the brain that we know

Kaizen - a little bit, a little bit, a little bit of improvement - every day!What was your Kaizen today? Great for reflection at end of learning session

The Russian Brothers and their Cousins

Morov - do a bit more of  - Kaizen
Lessov - back off a bit - a bit less of sometimes
Ridov - shed/ kull/ get down to it - live simply!
Cousins: Tossin - What can you bring in?

This principle can be used for coaching, appraisals, observations, feedback - do a bit Morov this and a bit lessov that...

e-book that challenges us to ponder some of life's significant issues in a delightful collection of anecdotes, lessons, humor, wit and wisdom - iTunes Store

Treat the scariest kid like he’s the only one you trust.

Recast a student as a leader in the classroom. Give them the tools to investigate (might be a problem, a learning tool...)and then let them teach the rest of the class. As teachers, we have the power to manufacture this success.

Archive yourself. Take a video of yourself changing a tyre for your daughter/ son, video yourself reading a story for your great great grand daughter...what a great legacy to leave.

When filming - put a paper face over the camera so you know you are talking to a person.

Kick my butt with love. Expect something from me set up an alert to mointor your name, school, child’s name. Anytime it appears on the web, you get an email.

We need to teach kids to manage their devices, not let their devices manage them.

We need to be a door opener for our kids, especially when it comes to their curiosity and their creativity.  We need to act to prevent them living in two worlds - one in school, and one out of school. BYOD is a good example of how to create this shift.

Ten digital literacy media guidelines

  1. Good media is based on good writing
  2. Value writing more than ever
  3. adopt art - art is the next R
  4. The DAOW of literacy - digital, oral, art, written Storytelling and new media narrative
  5. Attitude is the aptitude - the degree to which you are willing to learning new things will determine your intelligence - now have both personal and social literacy
  6. Practice personal and social literacy
  7. Develop literacy about impacts of digital tools
  8. Develop literacy about information
  9. Fluency, not just literacy
  10. We need to harness both the art of storytelling and story - the new media narrative

The degree to which you are willing to learn new things, determines how smart you are! This determines your intelligence.  Learn, unlearn, relearn.  

Be problem finders as well as problem solvers.

Leave positive digital footprints. Put information out there you want people to find, you can’t hide anymore so put out what you’d like people to see.  

“So what’d you do on facebook today?” - Families need to have these conversations with their kids.

Turn concerns into goals - a concern is just a negatively stated goal.  
Whats your concern? Great we now have a goal to work towards.


One of the main highlights was meeting up with some of those wonderful people who make up my PLN. Networking is an understatement and is almost it's own breakout!

Thanks to all those I was able to have an actual conversation with and I love what Kevin Honeycutt said in regards to his PLN...'you don't just get me, you get 2000 others in my back pocket'.

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