Monday, February 2, 2015

Building Foundations for Success

It is the start of a new year, new team and new students, so where to start? As many teachers have their long term plans firmly in place, we (HPPS team) have been busy building relationships and gathering a shared understanding around some of the key ideas behind what and why we do what we do.

The build-up to today (day 1 term 1), was one that was loosely organised. Having new students and a new teaching side-kick, Reid Walker, it was important to put relationship building at the forefront of our first couple of weeks.

So with no sign of a holiday recount (see Lisa Squires post) our day was filled with a mix of causal and some semi-structured activities where we both took the lead and stood back. Our focus is on our school dispositions - building foundations by which we can have those "warm yet demanding" (see Daniel Birch's post re this) conversations needed to get the most out of our learners.

Reid and I had planned Monday and Tuesday, already we have completely changed tomorrow after knowing our learners for just one day - interesting as I know 70% of the learners already (from last year), but it was clear we needed to be responsive to our learners and their needs. What does tomorrow bring? Starting to unpack what learning could look like, in our space, with our learners. Reid and I are but one small piece in LC4 puzzle. Input from our learners is crucial to the success of our space and I look forward to seeing the seeds we sow in the coming weeks begin to flourish in the coming months.

Insights from today:
- ditch the word 'plan' and replace with 'possibilities', especially during these first couple of weeks,
- don't rush, tomorrow is another day,
- have those conversations that are needed...tomorrow's conversation may be harder if left,
- jandals are the best form of footwear in 30 degree heat @geomouldey 
- everyone needs a fabulous side-kick!

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